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Experience next-generation dentures now! The beauty, strength, comfort, and value of modern tooth replacement

The modern dentures that talented dentists like our own Dr. Taylor Barton place are made from advanced materials and by using the latest science. The resulting replacement teeth are more lifelike, durable, and stable than the “false teeth” that your parents and grandparents may have worn (and complained about!) in past years. 

For added support, at Intentional Smiles in Edmond, Oklahoma, we may even discuss “hybrid” partial or complete dentures, which use dental implants rooted in the jawbone to stabilize the denture plate and its prosthetic teeth and gums. 

Thanks to these advancements, today’s dentures are designed to keep going with you for years and decades to come! 

What to expect

You’ve already started the process by visiting the online “home” of Intentional Smiles. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Barton sooner rather than later. He will examine your mouth and work with you to determine the type of denture most suited to your needs, preferences, goals, and the overall condition and state of your teeth, gums, and mouth.

Alternatives such as dental bridges and implant-supported crowns may be options, especially for those individuals who are missing one or a few teeth that cannot be preserved with restorative techniques like root canal therapy. 

If dentures are deemed best for you, the dental team will generally take measurements and take a digital  impression of your mouth. This information will be used to create your new teeth and gums. If you are holding on to any decayed teeth, they will be extracted. You may have to wait for a few months as the extraction sites heal. So the dentures fit comfortably and securely. Some patients may also benefit from “immediate” dentures. A provisional denture is placed as the extraction sites heal. After the swelling has gone down, we will provide you with your permanent denture. 

An initial fitting is much like giving your new teeth a test drive. A follow-up visit will be scheduled, at which time you can discuss any concerns you may have. The dentists will also recheck the fit and make any adjustments as needed.

A few pointers

It’s common for dentures to feel strange at first. You and your mouth are getting used to them! With time and as-needed adjustments, any irritation or awkwardness should subside. Dr. Barton monitors and corrects lingering soreness and addresses persistent concerns with personalized treatment approaches. 

Even if you have a mouthful of new teeth, it’s important to continue to brush your gums and areas that are often overlooked. For instance, the tongue and palate will still have bacteria and plaque present and can still cause bad breath. If you wear partials, keeping those “anchor” neighboring teeth clean and healthy is vitally important. 

Intentional Smiles can also discuss how to keep your new teeth looking and functioning their best via proper rinsing, soaking, and specialized products. 

Should you opt for implant-supported dentures, the biggest departure from some of the steps listed above is the actual placement of the dental implant. After the implant is positioned, it will heal and bond to the surrounding, supportive bone in the succeeding months. The implant becomes your “artificial tooth root.” So, this method is often considered a preferred way to rebuild a tooth or many teeth since it mimics the design of natural, healthy teeth.

Our team can discuss more of what to expect from our office in Edmond, OK. Call (405) 348-2266 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Barton today.

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