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We are prepared for whatever life has in store, with prompt emergency dentistry services that you can trust!

At Intentional Smiles, we take accessibility seriously. All individuals and their families in Edmond, Oklahoma City, and beyond deserve to have high-quality care from trusted providers like Dr. Taylor Barton. Additionally, we are very transparent. If you reach out to us after hours, you will immediately receive instructions on what to do to get out of pain and to move forward with treatment that resolves the underlying condition and is in the best interests of your long-term health. If the emergency requires a specialists attention, we will make every effort to get you to the appropriate facility promptly for treatment. 

Furthermore, every effort is made to care for emergency conditions promptly. We quickly accommodate those valued patients with urgent circumstances that simply cannot wait. For instance, if a tooth is fully dislodged or “avulsed,” Dr. Barton may be able to save it as long as attempts are made to “re-root” the tooth within the first 30 minutes to two hours. There is a relatively small window to avoid the loss of the tooth, which also results in the need for more expensive, time-consuming, aggressive, and invasive treatments to replace a lost tooth. 

Of course, emergency extractions or the urgent removal of a tooth can occur as a result of chronic conditions, such as progressive dental decay. However, as dental professionals, every effort is made to preserve decayed or otherwise traumatized teeth. 

Root canal therapy, for example, has a high rate of success (exceeding 90%). The process involves removing inflamed or infected tissue in the deepest, innermost parts of the tooth (the “pulp”). We can preserve the structure and aesthetics of a tooth with RCT by cleaning out and removing the irreparably damaged inner tissues, including the nerves that produce pain, the blood vessels, and connective tissue. 

A note on prevention 

Also, whenever possible, we are intentional in protecting the teeth and gums. By proactively maintaining the health, structure, and function of the oral tissues, we help our patients avoid the need for emergency or after-hours care. Notably, routine dental check-ups and cleanings reduce the risk of developing progressive dental decay and gum disease by controlling the presence and accumulation of harmful bacteria, plaque, and tartar. 

Oral appliance therapy, such as nightguards and mouthguards, help to prevent the damage and acute trauma associated with bruxism (chronic teeth grinding) and sports-related dental injuries, respectively. 

Even with the best of intentions, chronic problems can get out of hand and interfere with your life. Falls and other accidents can occur, often at the most inconvenient of times. We are here for you, for whatever life brings, with exceptional, accessible, and prompt care that you can trust. Keep our number handy: (405) 348-2266. Our dentist will see you soon!

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