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Modern implant dentures have all the benefits, and none of the common complaints with “fit”

Recreating the look, feel, and function of natural and healthy teeth is always preferred to gaps in the smile where teeth used to be. In addition to the obvious cosmetic effects of tooth loss, the loss of a single tooth can give rise to a destructive process of bone loss. Just as muscles shrink after periods of inactivity, facial bone shrinks when you don’t have teeth to keep the jaw stimulated and strong. 

But not all forms of tooth replacement are created equal. The implant-supported dentures planned and placed by Dr. Taylor Barton at Intentional Smiles in Edmond, Oklahoma, are designed to prevent or halt bone loss or “resorption.” 

The process of bone resorption occurs faster than you may think. When you don’t have teeth to chew, bite, and otherwise keep the jaw strong, bone width can decrease by 25% within the first year of tooth loss. In another 24 months, bone height retreats. The jawbone wastes away. 

Bone loss hastens the development of: 

  • Facial collapse
  • Premature aging of the face
  • Speech impediments
  • Bite problems
  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) symptoms (migraines, facial pain)
  • Excessive wear on remaining teeth 

Traditionally, common complaints about dentures arose from poor fit. Poorly-fitting or loose dentures don’t provide the stimulation and even force needed to keep the jaw strong and avoid resorption complications. 

Dr. Barton creates new teeth that are secured with his exacting attention to detail. Furthermore, advanced training and capabilities associated with implantology allow him to offer dentures that are designed with artificial tooth roots (the implants). A minimal number of implants may be precisely and strategically positioned in the jaw to support a maximum number of teeth in the denture. The dentures themselves then snap on and off with specialized attachments. The full force generated from behaviors such as chewing food is transferred from the prosthetic teeth to the jawbone that the denture is attached to (by way of the implants).

These modern dentures may be appropriate for patients with no remaining healthy teeth and those missing one or a few teeth. Specialized attachments may even be connected to partial dentures (“partials”) supported by implants. These partials tend to wear better and do not break down as quickly as conventional partials, and they also have the added benefit of keeping the rest of your facial tissues strong and healthy! 

Schedule your denture consultation with Dr. Barton today. The Edmond, OK office of Intentional Smiles can be reached at (405) 348-2266.

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