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Get to your goal smile with dental bridges to span gaps and replace teeth

“Bridges” may sound like a curious dental term. Well, the dental bridges available at our office in Edmond, Oklahoma, are a form of tooth replacement that “bridge” the gap or space between two teeth left behind after a damaged tooth is removed or extracted. 

True to our name, Intentional Smiles is exacting in how we precisely plan, craft, and place dental bridges. Our talented dentist (or dental artist), Dr. Taylor Barton, uses quality materials like porcelain to build bridges and other dental restorations, such as crowns. Crowns are an essential part of the design of a dental bridge. How do crowns fit into the mix? 

Well, as a form of tooth replacement, there must be something for the prosthetic tooth (or teeth) to hold onto. In the case of bridges, the prosthetic tooth (called a “pontic”) gets support from the remaining healthy teeth in the jaw. These teeth are adjacent to the space and are called “abutments.” They must anchor the pontic to stabilize or retain the replacement tooth.

They are crowned to ensure that these abutments remain strong structural supports for the pontic. The dental crown fits on top of the natural tooth. These teeth must be reduced in size to make room for the crowns. Once the crowns have been made, based on information about your teeth (including models or impressions), they are bonded to the pontic or prosthetic tooth. The crowns are then cemented on the abutment teeth. With the crowns in place, the strength of the anchor teeth is bolstered. The pontic between the crowns also fills or bridges the space to replace a lost tooth. 

Sink your teeth into the various choices for treatment

Numerous variations in dental bridges depend on factors such as the number of remaining teeth and their locations in the mouth. 

A final modern variation on the conventional dental bridge is dental implant-supported bridges. As suggested by its name, these bridges are supported by dental implants positioned in and fused to the surrounding jawbone. They function like tooth roots to hold the bridge or prosthetic teeth in place. 

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