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Get the royal treatment when getting crowns with our cutting-edge processes … crowns made while you wait!

Led by Dr. Taylor Barton, our team at Intentional Smiles takes great pride in providing an appealing blend of “timeless” compassionate and unhurried care with of-the-moment technologies that enhance your experience at our office in Edmond, Oklahoma. Notably, we use Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing techniques to deliver porcelain dental crowns in just one appointment. 

Crowns 101

A crown is the white portion of the tooth that is visible when you smile. Crowns may be damaged due to injury, trauma, decay, disease, and wear and tear. Dentists can repair a dental crown by creating another one in a lab. Generally, this process involves first preparing the tooth (removing any damaged tissues). Then, information about the tooth is collected and sent to the dental lab. Ceramists use it as a guide to create the crown. The tooth is fitted with a temporary crown to protect the tooth as it heals while the permanent crown is being made. 

Once the permanent is completed, the second appointment involves removing the temporary. Then, the dentist checks how the new crown fits and looks and makes any minor refinements as needed. Lastly, the crown is cemented to the tooth and polished. If the crown doesn’t look right or the bite feels “off,” it must be re-made. That means another two weeks or longer of wearing a temporary, waiting for the crown to be re-done. 

The crowns process, the Intentional Smiles way

We have taken all the lab functions and steps and brought them under our roof. With these in-house capabilities, Dr. Barton can plan, prepare, design, fabricate, refine, and place the permanent crown in one visit while you wait. If we must make the crown anew, this can be completed in minutesnot weeks. Thanks to CAD-CAM software and equipment, we can do all this so quickly and conveniently. These technologies are used to create a three-dimensional model of the crown. All the information needed to make this restoration is then transferred to a milling machine, which precisely fabricates the crown out of a high-quality block of esthetic and durable porcelain. And that’s it! Dr. Barton will then secure the crown over the prepared tooth structure. 

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