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The power and value of restorative care … restore your smile, health, and quality of life

Today’s dentists, like our own Dr. Taylor Barton, can create teeth that look indistinguishable from attractive, healthy, and functional natural teeth. Dr. Barton and our team at Intentional Smiles in Edmond, Oklahoma, use high-quality materials and cutting-edge techniques to rebuild portions of teeth or an entire tooth (including the roots with dental implants!). However, modern restorative dentistry is not limited to restoring the appearance, function, health, and structure of the teeth, as we’ll share here! 

Resolving toothy troubles 

Dr. Barton generally recommends conservative options just as he would do for himself. These options only replace the damaged tissues. They preserve as much of the natural healthy tissue as possible. 

Dr. Barton may recommend tooth-colored dental fillings for smaller cavities or areas of dental decay or damage. For larger cavities or more extensive decay, dental inlays or dental onlays may be in your future. A full dental crown may be on the horizon to restore the strength of a “vulnerable” tooth; for instance, a deeply decayed or badly fractured tooth. 

Patients holding on to ailing teeth or already missing one, some, or all of their teeth will benefit from tooth replacement. “Conventional” options include dental bridges, partials, and full or “complete” dentures. Alternatives to these options include crowns, bridges, and dentures that are supported by dental implants in the jawbone. The implants function like tooth roots to stabilize the prosthetic teeth.

We also offer convenient “same day” crowns and full-mouth rehabilitation services. 

Restorative care … transcending the teeth

The health of the teeth also depends on the health of the surrounding supportive tissues and structures, such as the gums and the jaw joints. For this reason, we also offer various other restorative dentistry services. These services include periodontal therapy and multi-faceted TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Dysfunction treatment. In effectively managing the likes of TMJDs, Dr. Barton and Intentional Smiles also restores your well-being and quality of life. Stressed jaw joints, after all, can contribute to chronic migraines, frequent earaches and ear infections, and other distressing and debilitating conditions. 

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