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Elevating your experience, and treatment outcomes with intentionally selected, cutting-edge technologies

No detail has been left unconsidered in the design of our office at Intentional Smiles in Edmond, Oklahoma. Dr. Taylor Barton has been intentional in designing all aspects of this practice.  

We do not invest in dental technology for the sake of technology here. Instead, our dentist and team appreciate that technologies can be powerful tools. They support our ability to provide comfortable, convenient, safe, and precise care. Additionally, they help optimize treatment outcomes and encourage quick and uneventful healing. These technology “helpers” are not limited to the following: 

  • Digital x-rays – We can capture many detailed images of your mouth, face, and jaws from different angles in a matter of seconds. These images may be accessed, viewed, shared with patients, securely stored, and quickly retrieved. Such details aid in our ability to accurately diagnose the cause of pain and other symptoms. Accurate diagnoses drive effective and fast treatments. Furthermore, digital imaging is a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to film-based traditional x-rays. These modern x-rays are associated with an up to 90% reduction in radiation exposure for the safest diagnostic experience and process possible. 
  • Intraoral camera – With the introduction of a barely noticeable, wand-like device, we can gather photos and vast amounts of information about the inside of your mouth (“intra” refers to “inside,” while “oral” is “mouth”). Using such conservative, light-touch, and precision imaging also avoids the need for messy, imprecise, gag-inducing, and uncomfortable traditional impression-taking with bitewings. As indicated, technology helps to reduce the human error associated with traditional manual processes of making impressions or models of the mouth. So, the accuracy and proper fit of the dental restorations which may be made using these digital impressions or scans are supported. 
  • Laser dentistry – Of course, technology applications are not limited to the diagnostic side of our practice! We also offer laser-assisted services and treatments. Dr. Barton may direct light from a specially selected laser device precisely to targeted tissues. Since the light and the energy generated from the device are so targeted, procedures completed with lasers are very safe, associated with predictable outcomes, and help to minimize bleeding and other side effects of traditional scalpels and cutting instruments. Due to the cauterization effect of lasers, such approaches to various dentistry services promote fast and natural healing and recovery.
  • CEREC – We use the CEREC system to make most restorations, such as dental crowns, in one visit. Using traditional processes (an outside lab), crowns typically require at least two visits and three weeks to be made by laboratory technicians elsewhere. Our team is equipped to handle every aspect of the crown-making process in-house. Yes, you can enjoy same-day dentistry and receive your crown in one visit. We plan, prepare, design, manufacture, place, and refine the crown in a matter of minutes. There are times where a laboratory is still necessary and the appropriate treatment route. When these cases arise, the timelines are discussed with you and the highest quality laboratories and materials are used. 

Experience our blend of timeless care and cutting-edge, technology-assisted diagnostic and treatment. Call (405) 348-2266 to schedule your visit at the office of Intentional Smiles today.

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