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Tooth-preserving and natural-looking cavity repair with Tooth-Colored Fillings

Our dental office in Edmond, Oklahoma, stays true to its name when considering your unique treatment and experience at Intentional Smiles. 

We have carefully considered how each treatment, material, service, and product available at our practice supports your comfort, health, safety, and satisfaction. You can trust that dental restorations, such as our tooth-colored fillings, are highly durable, cosmetic, and appropriate for many mouths. 

Ease pain, restore smile, health and beauty

Our talented and compassionate dentist, Dr. Taylor Barton, may recommend a dental filling to patients with cavities. A cavity is a hole or area of damage in the tooth. It is caused by progressive dental decay. When detected and intervened early into the disease process, we can halt or even reverse the effects of enamel erosion or damage with modifications to home care and services such as dental sealants. 

Restorations are necessary to replace lost or deteriorated tissue when allowed to progress without treatment. Fortunately, with Dr. Barton’s careful selection of materials and techniques, restorations at Intentional Smiles are conservative. They produce the utmost natural and healthy tooth structure. 

This conservative filling option is made from dental composite. Composites are blends of resin (plastic) and glass-like particles. They are designed to replicate the structure and esthetics of natural tooth enamel. Additionally, composites can be matched seamlessly to the color of the surrounding tooth it is bonded to and its natural neighbors. As a metal-free option, composites “wear well.” As your mouth changes over time, the resin continues to hold up well and look great. There is no unsightly dark or gray line, which can arise as gums pull away from the teeth and expose the color of the metal in restorations made from amalgams (a combination of mercury, tin, copper, and silver). 

The material is biocompatible. This makes our fillings a universally appropriate choice, even for those with a history of sensitivities to metals or concerned about the conventional materials used in fillings and other restorative dental procedures. 

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