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Lighten up! Whiten your teeth for a more confident smile and a brighter outlook on life

 Trust your smile’s safety, health, and appearance to our team’s intentional approach to professionally whitening your teeth. Dental professionals like Intentional Smiles of Edmond, Oklahoma, indeed have access to different (stronger) whitening gels than the average consumer. These gels essentially contain ingredients that are proven to break down stain molecules on each tooth. So, they are able to make a noticeable difference in the appearance of your yellow or otherwise stained and discolored teeth. 

Our dentist, Dr. Taylor Barton, is exacting in his attention to detail. He will provide guidance on the best whitening options for your teeth, smile, and face. In addition to considering esthetics, Dr. Barton also explores other factors when designing treatment plans. These factors include your “timeframe” and schedule for whitening, personal habits and preferences, goals from whitening, and if you have a history of dental concerns (such as tooth sensitivity). He can customize facets of the procedure to address your unique needs and concerns. 

As a whole, the process goes a little something like this: 

  • You schedule an appointment with Dr. Barton at our Edmond, Oklahoma office
  • During your consultation, Dr. Barton will confirm that your teeth and gums are healthy
  • Depending on what he finds, recommendations for treatment may include restorative or cosmetic dentistry alternatives 
  • Dental work like fillings and crowns does not whiten. In these cases, we would need to replace the restoration with a hue that will blend in seamlessly with your whiter smile
  • We will explore options for treatment. As a dental office, we largely recommend either chairside or in-office whitening or take-home whitening with special trays or oral appliances
  • Patients who seek and are suitable candidates for office whitening can lighten the color of their teeth by many shades in just one visit
  • Those who prefer and are better suited to home whitening will receive trays customized to fit their mouth. Wear them each day (or night, while sleeping) as directed by Dr. Barton to gradually lighten your teeth

Call (405) 348-2266 today to get going on your smile transformation courtesy of non-invasive, affordable, fast, and painless professional teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

At a young age our teeth are healthy white. But overtime the enamel coating the tooth is so slowly worn down. Causing our teeth to become stained and yellow, which is why teeth whitening is become increasingly popular today. There are a few methods for whitening. They include at home and in office. With in office treatments, you will see faster results, receive the safest treatment for bleaching the teeth, and yield the whitest smile. So, don’t settle for teeth that have become stained from years of coffee drinking, tobacco use, or just aging. Ask your dentist about whitening options that may be right you.

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