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Many options with cosmetic dentistry to bring out the natural beauty of your smile

As your and your family’s dental “home,” our office in Edmond, Oklahoma, is intentional about considering the “whole patient” when recommending cosmetic or restorative dentistry services. Intentional Smiles not only accounts for the condition of the teeth and gums; our talented dentist/dental artist, Dr. Taylor Barton, also considers other factors that can inform the best treatment for your one-of-a-kind self. 

These factors might include the esthetic characteristics of your face and features that have nothing to do with esthetics. Beyond the cosmetic stuff, considerations range from your definition of beauty to your lifestyle, habits, behaviors, and what you want from treatment. Dr. Barton is well-equipped to take on even the challenging cosmetic and restorative cases – with natural and often life-changing results! 

Depending on your needs and the other factors mentioned here, you may be a good candidate for one of the following cosmetic dentistry procedures. Or, you may combine several of these and other types of procedures for a full-mouth makeover or rehabilitation. 

  • Professional teeth whitening to lift even the most stubborn stains and discoloration 
  • Conservative teeth contouring or enameloplasty to reshape irregularly-sized and irregularly-shaped teeth for a more balanced smile
  • Porcelain veneers to cover up cosmetic flaws, ranging from excess spaces between teeth to chipped surfaces
  • Tooth-colored fillings made from a metal-free composite resin that blends in seamlessly with the color and characteristics of neighboring teeth 
  • Porcelain crowns for more extensive repairs, such as fractured or deeply traumatized teeth 
  • Porcelain dental bridges to replace missing teeth 

Clear aligners to straighten teeth and fix bite issues without braces

Additionally, Dr. Barton is among a selected group of providers to offer CEREC “same-day” dental crowns. These lovely porcelain are made while you wait, in just one visit. He also has the onsite capabilities to offer full-mouth rehabilitation as a “same day” service; for instance, implants to replace teeth may be restored with a provisional denture during the same appointment that we extract or remove your teeth. These immediate dentures are later replaced with permanent ones after the extraction sites have healed. 

We welcome your questions about cosmetic dental or restorative procedures supporting a great-looking smile. Call Intentional Smiles at (405) 348-2266 today to find out more. 

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