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Exams and cleanings by the pros, the backbone of preventative dentistry, and healthy, happy smiles

At Intentional Smiles, everything we do is with good intent. Led by positive, warm, and highly skilled dentist Dr. Taylor Barton, our patients in Edmond and greater Oklahoma City have considerable peace of mind. All of the techniques that we use are in the best interests of our valued patients’ health. We carefully vet all of the latest products, materials, and technologies. So, the individuals that we partner with and that become like “extended family” to us can trust the safety and efficacy of our services and treatments. 

Exams and professional cleanings are vital services. This combination of comprehensive evaluation and precision cleaning by one of our registered dental hygienists helps to establish and reinforce good home hygiene. When Dr. Barton employs his expertise, along with digital x-rays and other diagnostic tools that render detailed images of your mouth, he can detect disease and break-down in their earliest stages. 

It’s “standard” for our patients to visit us for such important service once every six months. Since these visits are essential to preventative medicine, they are typically covered by dental insurance plans. Furthermore, maintaining healthy teeth and gums or catching problems early is an affordable alternative to reactive medicine, whereby we are always playing catch-up. Services to restore the health of the teeth and gums are generally more costly, require more time, and preserve less of the best type of oral tissue: the natural and healthy kind! So, preventive offerings like routine check-ups are emphasized at the Intentional Smiles office.

Feel, look, and “be” your healthy best!

Hygiene appointments aid in managing the bacteria, plaque, and tartar that promotes the development of destructive dental decay and gum disease. If during your cleaning, one of our hygienists finds signs of inflammation, infection, abnormal growths, or other concerning symptoms, Dr. Barton will check to ensure a preventive cleaning is the correct treatment option. You may be better served with a “deep clean,” known as “scaling and root planing.” SRP is appropriate for patients with some forms of gum disease. It is often the only therapy necessary to restore the healthy attachments between the teeth and gums. Most often, the “deep clean/Scaling and Root Planing” treatment is only needed one time, then patients are placed on a maintenance program of routine cleanings. Our hygiene team is impeccable at delivering quality treatment and developing a home care routine for our patients. This allows the patients we serve to return to regular cleaning intervals with healthy teeth and gums. 

Sensitivity. Sharp pain. Swelling. Blood on your toothbrush. These and other problems can be indicative of diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. Do not wait for troubling symptoms to arise. If you are due for a dental check-up, call today! We can be reached at (405) 348-2266 and look forward to hearing from you!

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