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Clear aligners the modern and appealing way to straighten teeth – no braces necessary!

Dr. Taylor Barton of Intentional Smiles has intentionally selected every product, amenity, technology, material, and service available to our patients in Edmond and the greater Oklahoma City metro area. Patients can rest assured that each treatment, procedure, or offer at our office was chosen with great care and with your health, safety, satisfaction, and comfort at heart. 

Clear Aligners were a natural choice for Dr. Barton and a great fit with the many other treatments available to enhance the health, esthetics, and function of your teeth, gums, and mouth. 

Straight talk about modern orthodontic treatment 

Clear aligners are a removable, comfortable, and unobtrusive alternative to silver-colored metal braces. Braces are made from wires, brackets, and bands fixed (not removable) to the teeth. Your dentist or orthodontist then tightens or adjusts the braces during ongoing visits. By adjusting these appliances, they move treatment forward. Just the right amount of force is placed on the teeth at just the right time to support effective and “on schedule” treatment. 

In contrast, clear aligners are made up of a series of aligners or aligner “trays.” These appliances are custom-fit to the unique contours of your mouth. So, they slip into the mouth and over the teeth securely, similar to other oral appliances such as retainers or whitening trays. These aligners are made from transparent, smooth, and safe advanced plastic. They are worn comfortably while placing consistent force on the teeth to reposition them into their proper placements incrementally.

Our patients love how easy it is to wear and maintain their aligners. They simply remove the aligners for eating and cleaning their teeth. There is little to no adjustment period. To ensure treatment stays on track, wear each aligner in the series for around one to two weeks and at least 20 hours. In as few as six months, you can straighten your teeth and correct bite problems comfortably and discreetly with Clear aligners. 

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