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How oral sedation helps us to fight dental fear and put our patients at ease

At Intentional Smiles in Edmond, Oklahoma, we strive for you to feel at ease. But we appreciate that you may be among the 20% of Americans with so much apprehension that dental visits only happen when absolutely necessary. Another 5% to 8% of individuals are so afraid that dental visits are avoided completely – with the patient ending up in the hospital emergency room before the dentist’s office. 

It’s estimated that three-quarters of dental anxiety, fear, or even dental phobia stem from past experiences. Visits may be associated with negative or painful memories. Of course, generalized anxiety may also be to blame. Oral sedation is one of many ways Dr. Taylor Barton fights dental fear in all its forms. 

Again, a relaxing sedative medication (taken orally, in pill form) is just one of many parts that come together to create your most pleasant, gentle, painless, and fear-free experience possible. Our office has been designed with serenity and peace in mind, down to our use of soothing blues and natural materials that bring the outdoors in. We are proud to have created an oasis to benefit from professional dental care. 

Furthermore, our talented team really takes the time to get to know you, listen, and understand your concerns and needs. We are kind, considerate, patient, and non-judgmental. Knowing this may be half the battle, especially if you haven’t seen the dentist in a while and are concerned about the state and appearance of your teeth. This is a judgment-free zone!

With our highly communicative, unhurried approach, we can better accommodate and relieve your specific concerns because we understand your unique needs and distinctive fears. Furthermore, through any procedures or services, Dr. Barton communicates what we are doing and talks through any steps as needed. We always ask how our patients are doing, and we are savvy enough to read even subtle cues and can stop what we are doing at any time to ensure you remain comfortable and to give you a break. 

Oral sedation complements this approach, as it takes the edge off for individuals who may have more moderate anxieties or fears about their visit. This relaxation method simply involves taking a medication or pill as directed by Dr. Barton. It is often referred to as oral “conscious” sedation because it does not knock you out. You remain awake but may feel so relaxed that you nod off without a care in the world. 

Since this method can be used to induce a deep relaxation that may lead to lingering drowsiness, you will need to have someone drive you to and from our office. This process is simple, fast, and low risk. It may also be appropriate for individuals with a bad gag reflex or undergoing lengthy procedures. 

We welcome your questions and concerns! Call Intentional Smiles in Edmond, OK, today at (405) 348-2266.

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